Website management
made simple
The intuitive interface provided by keeps track of all your website tools, key information, project summaries and contact details. Simply put, it reduces the mental load for web professionals.
Connecting all the tools you use to look after your websites
Example of how it comes together
Simplify Your Workflow
Link all the services you use for managing your websites  into one place, allowing you to access all your website information quickly and easily.
Securely Manage Your Credentials
With the option to integrate your favourite password manager, storing, and sharing any password is relatively secure and convenient.
Keeping Information Relevant
Using member groups like clients, devs, designers, and project managers; only relevant information is provided.
Optimize Your Website's Performance
Get suggestions for services and checks you may want to add to any of your websites, saving you time and ensuring your websites are running smoothly.
NZ$15 /month /25 sites
Hosted free of charge
+$5 per additional 25 sites
E-mail support
Unlimited users
Customise branding
NZ$1600 /year
Up to 20 hrs of dev support
Full code access
Free updates during year
Host it as you see fit
Add your own features
Contribute 2 hrs /month
Like Enterprise but free
Many ways to contribute
Reseller income
Share know-how
Available on application

Frequently Asked Questions

How could you summarise the benefits of Found it Already in one sentence?

Reduce mental load by saving and sharing all relevant links in one place.

Can you tell me more about the history of Found it Already?

Found it Already is made by Sunny Side Up, a web company based in Wellington, New Zealand. Sunny Side Up specialises in the Silverstripe CMS. Here is houw Found it Already came about.

Who is this tool aimed at?

Anyone who is managing three or more websites or anyone who is managing a website in a team of more than one person.

Do I need to have technical skills to use this tool?

No, this tool is aimed at anyone who is involved in managing websites. 

We already have a project management tool - why would we need this?

Found it Already is not a project management tool. It only covers the area that most traditional project management tools are not so good at: bringing together all the projects you are working on in one place.  Trello boards, for example, are outstanding, but what is missing is the board of boards - that sort of thing. Most project management tools are great in detail, but not so good in bringing together one big picture of all your projects.  You want to be able to answer questions like:

• When can we start our next project?
• How often do we go over budget?
• In what order should we deliver our projects?

And so on.

We already have a ton of tools that we use, why add another one?

The key with Found it Already is that it tries to combine all those other tools into one central place from where you can connect with all the individual ones, such as your accounting tool, your time tracker tool, Google search console, font provider, and so on.

How can we be sure that it connects with all our tools?

New tools are being added all the time. You can also become a partner and actively contribute with your own tools.

We already have a password management tool, how does this work?

Found it Already helps you organise your passwords. It does not store them. Rather, it stores codes that you can use to organise and store your passwords in your password manager. Increasing your security (if someone got access to your password manager account all they would see is codes and passwords without any information about their usage / usernames).

Is our data secure?

The tool is built on the latest version of the SilverStripe CMS. This CMS is regarded as fairly secure. Secondly, you can use two-factor authentication for all users. Also, no passwords are saved in the tool.

If you self-host the project then you can add whatever security you may require.

How can we share information in this tool?

The idea is that everyone who is working on a website or a specific website project has access to all the parts that are relevant to them. For any website, you can add developers, designers, project managers, etc. They can then login and see links to all the various tools employed by the project and follow those links, as required.

How can we ensure that we provide only relevant information to specific users?

Found it Already allows you to add unlimited users and each user can be set to have different access levels for projects and also within projects. Access levels available are: client, developer, designer, tester, project manager, site owner, and overall owner or sites owner. 

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